Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Year Ahead Spread

I was checking Aeclectic Tarot, and I came across this spread: The Year Ahead Spread. It looked really interesting, so I decided to try it out. I'll provide the reading in a bit, but I do have some preliminary thoughts.

I like that it's not by month. I love the different themes involved as there are a lot of factors to consider without being constricted by month (watch me do a month-to-month spread in the next few days). It leaves for a lot of flexibility.

That being said, I don't think Secret likes this spread much. One of the things that makes him amazing is how the cards interact with each other to give me the message. The cards were too far apart to talk to each other, which made the energy seem stagnant. When Legacy gets out of her little hissy fit stage, I'll use it on her to see if there's a difference. Has anyone found that certain decks don't like certain spreads?

On to the reading! No reversals.

Position One: Where my path leads me. 10 of Wands
My guide is in love with this card. I feel like in this instance, I'm done with the status quo. I'm ready to have a new life. The skull represents someone who played by the rules, and that was what they have to show for it.

Position Two: The direction of my heart. 3 of Cups
Lots of new bonds forming. Developing a sense of community. I love my dance students, and I'm looking forward to seeing them soon. Plus, there's the opportunity of bonding with the NYC burners.

Position Three: Where my spirit guides me. 3 of Wands
New opportunities await. There is so much to learn and experience. Be open and receptive to what is coming.

Position Four: What gifts my muse ignites within me. The Fool
It's a new beginning in your dance. When the inspiration hits, go for it. See where it will take you.

Position Five: That which the mist shrouds. The Sun
This one was a hard one for me. This is what I wrote down: Despite my frustrations and sense of disconnect with the world, I will be able to find the peace and happiness that eludes me. I'd love to get some feedback on that one.

Position Six: The blindfold removed. The Magician
Apparently, something big is going to happen. A revelation? A solution to my problems? I couldn't figure this out.

Position Seven: The Shadow which pass over my Sun. Judgement
I will need to change my way of living. That means saving, significant financial planning.

Position Eight: The Well of Prosperity. The Lovers
As Secret has the tendency to do, this left me scratching my head a little bit before I got the "OH!" moment. I'm going to have to make the choice between having a stable 9-5 job or continue on with the freelance life.

Position Nine: The Font of Vitality. 5 of Cups
I'll have the experience of what-if. There will be some regret and longing.

Position Ten: The Harvest. Knave of Wands
I love this knave. He's too cute for words. It looks like the gem of the year has something to do with travel. Burning Man, perhaps?

It's not shocking that there are no Pentacles in this spread. I am shocked by the 5 Majors though. I knew this year was going to be big, but I didn't think it would be this big. I love hearing thoughts and maybe some perspectives that I haven't thought about.


  1. Many majors and no Pentacles means it will be more about the major life lessons and changes than the pennies. Lack of pennies may draw more acute awareness of the life lessons and transitions. That kind of situation also teaches you to be more resourceful so that the bigger picture items can come into play.

    The "mist" which shrouds the Sun might be things trying to get in the way of your dreams. But burn brightly and dream/act because the Sun burns away any mist or cloudiness.

    The blindfold removed, revealing the Magician, I think is addressing that resourcefulness that you will find within yourself to make ends meet while exploring your creative, non-9-to-5 side.

    Waiting to see your month-to-month spread that you know you wanna do! lol...

  2. Give me 24 hours, and I'll do it. :-)

    I know I didn't mention the swords, but I feel like the 5 Majors reflect the swords in the previous New Years Spread.