Monday, January 11, 2010

Spirit Guides

I tried to see if my remaining two spirit guides wanted to talk today, but they don't want to. Maybe it's because there's something I need to learn in order for them to communicate with me. I'll just go right along with the interviews of the four I did. This isn't in order of who first communicated because there are four distinct personalities. I think it's fitting to start with the one who has the most impact on my life right now: Spirit Guide # 4.

1. What is your personality/temperament? 10 of Swords
I was inhibited and shy, but now I'm allowing myself to blossom and enjoy freedom with you.

2. Why are you with me? King of Wands

I see so much passion and vitality in you. I want to bring that out of you.

3. When is your presence strongest? 10 of Wands

I am with you when you are strong and in control. I'm also with you when you are doing what you love.

4. Is there an event where you were a strong influence? The Chariot

I was with you the day before Halloween, the night where your feminine energy was especially strong and there were men who wanted to be with you.

5. Is there anything you want me to know? The Empress

Your feminine energy is growing everyday. Embrace it. Be the woman you thought you weren't going to be.      


  1. Spirit Guide #4 sounds like a really supportive guide, good for you!

    :) Leigh

  2. She is very supportive. The funny thing is that she waited for the other guides to speak, but when it's her turn she'll stick around.