Saturday, January 16, 2010

Daily 3-Card Reading for 1/16

Unfortunately, there's no reading for Friday. I was out all night. :-)

1. What I did well today: Wheel of Fortune

Despite my current worries, I have allowed myself to remain positive that things will turn out okay. I succumb to the will of the universe.

2. What I must leave behind: 5 of Wands

I must leave behind the fact that I got home at 5AM after an amazing night of dancing and killer dubstep music. I'm shocked that I'm still functioning.

3. What I must take with me into tomorrow: 9 of Cups

I still need to take in my indulgences. I had some really yummy brownies, and I'm such a sucker for sweets.

Here's the suit tally for this week:
Major - 6
Wands - 4
Cups - 4
Swords - 2
Pentacles - 1

What's really interesting is that the Wheel of Fortune has appeared three times this week, twice in position 1 and the other time in position 3. I think it has to do with just the way I'm approaching the situation I'm currently dealing with. Why be negative and bitter about it? The presence of Wands and Cups make sense since classes started up again. I love being around my students when I teach. I get so much fulfillment from them, and I get inspired to choreograph.

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