Monday, January 11, 2010

Daily 3-Card Reading

Today was a great day. I think Secret's proud of me too. I am loving this spread.

1. What did I do well today? 10 of Wands

I didn't allow my doubts and fears get the better of me. I went into the photo shoot as cool as the woman in the card, full of calm and confidence, and the results showed. There are lots of great images as a start for my portfolio.

2. What do I need to leave behind? The Moon

I need to leave behind the negative thoughts of disaster that I had. Before the shoot began, I thought about anything that could've gone wrong. I was thinking so much about the shoot the night before that I didn't get much sleep. Now it's behind me.

3. What should I take forward into tomorrow? Wheel of Fortune

I need to ride the wave positive energy. I should be proud of my accomplishment, and take that energy to further my makeup artistry. Good things are in store.

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