Sunday, January 24, 2010

Daily Reading for 1/23

1. What I did well today: The High Priestess

I didn't let my internal struggles affect the way I taught class even though teaching was the last thing I wanted to do. I had to keep a good face on and not let my negative energy affect the class and my students.

2. What I must leave behind: Knave of Cups

I must let go of any lingering resentment that I'm feeling. It's time to move forward and be positive.

3. What I must take forward into tomorrow: 3 of Wands

Tomorrow is a new day. Just embrace whatever opportunities that come my way.

I tried the name spread that was on AE. It was a lovely 20-card spread, that I just wrote out in one sentence. It's a neat spread, but it told me what I already knew about myself. I've been looking for spreads that dug deeper. I had a conversation with Kafka's Ghost about it, she suggested choosing the card that I identified strongly with and then have cards around it. It was quite useful. I'll put up the readings later today.

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