Monday, January 4, 2010

Cycle of the Year

As promised, here's my cycle of the year reading. This one, I got from a book on spreads that I purchased from Kafkas Ghost, but I'm sure it's available on Aeclectic Tarot.

January - The Moon reversed
I actually loved seeing this card come first mostly because the woman appears to be running away from 2009, and heading straight for February. It was quite amusing. I saw this as the veil of illusion being lifted. Reality is setting in, and it's time to move on. This largely has to do with my feelings towards "The Emperor", and that it's time to let go of the illusion of him.

February - The Queen of Swords
She is the reason why I bought this deck. She seems sad, but I take it for emotional distance. She's withdrawn into herself. She's lost in thought. She's keeping herself protected. I see her as myself in that I have a tendency to protect myself whenever I get smacked down into reality. I have difficulty trusting others and allowing myself to be open to that.

March - 10 of Pentacles
I feel like this is a sense of stability. I highly doubt it's financial stability. Maybe his has to do with my developing makeup career. My planning has come to fruition, and I have something to show for it. Not entirely sure.

April - 6 of Pentacles
Tax time! Please let me get some financial assistance. This is going to be a collaboration. After much thought, the biggest event planned is that I'll be working with my web designer, and I'll finally have my site up.

May - Knight of Wands
He's probably the least harmless knight of the four of them. He's a cutie pie. I think he represents the entrepreneurship aspect of my life. My ability to go forward with my dance and my makeup career. This is my venture out into the world as my own boss.

June - Two of Wands
Decisions. Decisions. This will be a time where I need to decide on where my energy should go to. Could it be about my career, relating to the Lovers card in the previous year-ahead spread?

July - The Magician reversed
I can see this about pulling all of my energy inward in preparation for Burning Man. Focusing on myself, making sure that I have prepared myself for it.

August - Two of Cups reversed
Could this be the time where "The Emperor" and I see each other again? I was playing around with this spread a few days ago and this card came up in the same position. I think whoever he is, he's going to be the one pursuing me, with the way the woman in the card seems to have him at a distance.

September - 6 of Cups 
Looking back at a great experience. I'm thinking of the fun times that go on during that week. I'm going to make Burning Man happen!

October - 6 of Wands
I see this as my needing to turn the blinders on and get back to business. It's the march to victory. Of course, this is the time for one of the biggest belly dance festivals, so I'll be in rehearsals a lot.

November - Knave of Swords reversed

There is bad news coming. With the way the knave is looking at December's card, it leads me to think that it has something to do with...

December - 3 of Pentacles reversed
The place where I teach dance. The thing that just really came to mind was that it was going to close down because of lack of funding to survive.

Once again, thoughts are always welcome.

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