Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daily 3-Card Reading

Body - Ace of Cups
Mind - 10 of Wands reversed
Spirit - Queen of Pentacles

My body had this burst of feminine energy. It just wanted to feel sexy considering that it spends so much time huddled up in layers of clothing. I also downloaded some songs that I would love to choreograph to because it taps into my sensual side. It's a spark that happened. My mind was just ready let go of all of the burdens that have consumed me in the past few days (my first shoot as a makeup artist, finances, having material for my classes) and embrace what's to come. My spirit was ready to exercise and get moving. What better way to embrace the Ace of Cups aspect than to take pole dancing class again. It was great to feel sexy and still feel like I had gotten my butt whooped.

I managed to communicate to 5 spirits. Four more to go...

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