Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spirit Guide #1

I'm so excited to have all six interviews completed. I asked the remaining two guides if they wanted to talk, but it took them a little while for them to want to talk to me. It wasn't until after I did my photo shoot that the two wanted to talk. Now we'll meet Guide 1.
Spirit Guide # 1

Tell me about your temperament/personality. 2 of Pentacles

I like giving you options. I'm the one who says, "Are you suuure you want to do that? You really want to do this." I allow the opening of opportunities.

Why are you with me? Strength

I am your protector. I make sure that you're safe, and you make the smart choices.

When is your presence strongest? The Emperor

I am with you when you need to focus on the task at hand. I make sure that you're not distracted.

Please tell me a moment where your influence and/or presence was particularly strong. King of Pentacles

I was with you during your Day of Dance. In fact, I gave you the idea that you should stay the entire time.

What would you like me to know at this moment? 7 of Pentacles

Enjoy the hard work that you put in today. I'm proud of you.     

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