Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily 3-Card Reading for 1/18

1. What I did well today: 6 of Cups

This was a great card to see. I needed to feel good about something today because I have been so stressed out about a lot of things. I would say, this is the one of the few times the LWB is correct in what I did well. When I'm at the studio dancing, it's the moment that I can escape from the reality of my situation. It's my play time, and I made the most of that.

2. What I must leave behind: 3 of Swords

Once again, the LWB relates to the card! I must leave behind the uncertainty I feel about the future, about whether or not I'll be able to find something that will give me enough flexibility to continue developing my makeup career and my dance.

3. What I must take with me into tomorrow: The Star

I must have faith that I will be able to find what I'm looking for. I must stay positive.

Secret definitely picked up on my stress, and I appreciate its calm reassurance. I should take it's advice and stay positive because it's not the kind of deck that would sugar-coat things.

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