Friday, January 8, 2010

Daily 3-Card Reading

Body - 4 of Swords rev.
Mind - 9 of Cups rev.
Spirit - The Sun

Let me just say right now, the woman in the 4 of Swords is really creepy. I think it's just the way she just stares at me while she's sitting on the tomb. She gets under my skin.

My body is getting sick with a cold *cough cough* and it craves rest, but there's no time to rest. Gotta dance, dance,  DANCE! And that woman is chastising me for that. I need to dance, but my mind is just not in the mood to choreograph for my students. However, my spirit is filled with excitement to see my students and teach.

In other news, I have two more decks! Tarot of Mermaids and Universal Fantasy. New deck interviews to come.

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