Friday, January 15, 2010

Who I Am and Where I Am Going

This was inspired by dannymac.85's reading on this spread. I decided to try it out to see what Secret has to say. I'm discovering that Secret loves spreads having to do with destiny and the discovery of the inner self.

This is the layout of the spread:

3    -     4
5  -  6  -  7

1. This is who I am now:  The Hanged Man

I'm still searching for myself. I feel like I'm on the brink of discovery, but there's a block that's preventing me from seeing my true potential.

2. This is what I don't know: Knight of Cups

I'm ruled by my emotions more often than I realize. I also have a tendency to get attached to others quickly once I let them in.

3. This is what I need to relinquish: Queen of Swords

I have a tendency to over-analyze things to the point where I almost drive myself crazy. I need to let go of being trapped inside my head. Sometimes it's better to just take things for what they are.

4. This is what I need to develop: The Devil

I must allow myself to enjoy life and the pleasures that life has to offer. I should allow myself some indulgences from time to time.

5. What I'd love to become: The Chariot

I'd love to be successful on my own terms. I prefer taking the reins and deciding my own direction in life.

6. My current quest: 9 of Swords

While I love to decide my direction, I'm having difficulty with it. It's stressing me out because I don't know how I'm going to actually pull this off with the limited resources I have right now.

7. Where it will lead: The Hierophant

What's interesting was that I played around with this spread using Mermaids and this card came out in the same position. I like to think of myself as someone who loves comforting others in times of stress. I'm usually the person to tell people to calm down. Will I be able to bring harmony to others? Is that what I'm meant to do as a teacher? Maybe.


  1. I love the spreads that people come up with! This was cool.

    I can't remember whose blog I read it in, but she was able to relate Hierarchy to Hierophant. So your quest (following your decided direction with limited resources) will lead to prioritizing your life around organizing your limited resources to make the most of them in reaching your goals.

    I also read an interesting take on The Devil as commitment, permanence.

    More Mermaids! More Mermaids! :0)

  2. I'm definitely going to do more spreads with Mermaids. I like her a lot. :-)

  3. Oh, I love this spread! I'll have to do this one with ToD.

    :) Leigh