Saturday, January 9, 2010

Secret Musings

Oh, Secret is just so adorable. I love it. So, I have two new decks: Tarot of Mermaids and Universal Fantasy. I'll have the New Deck Interview for Mermaids, most likely by tomorrow and UF by Monday night or Tuesday. I tried to do a reading with Secret, but it was giving me garbage, so I asked it if it was mad at me using the Yes/No/Maybe spread. It was very mad. I wanted to know why it was mad. Here are the results I got: 6 of Cups, The Lovers, The Hermit.

I totally appreciate its honesty. It was worried that I was going to choose the other decks over it, and leave it all alone. Well, Secret has nothing to fear. There's something really special developing between us. It's here with me for the long haul. I'd love to play with my other decks, but Secret is for the serious powers.

I'm currently thinking about how I should go about my daily reading. Sometimes the Mind-Body-Spirit spread works, and sometimes I can't read it. I also think that might be a spread that's better served for the evening than in the morning. Would it make sense to do two 3-card spreads? One for the day and another for the evening? I need to find a spread that really works with Spirit.


  1. I'm really liking the idea of an evening spread, just to help me review my days.

    I can't imagine any deck feeling intimidated by others, especially when you're building that close connection. I'll have to watch out for it, as I've recently added to my collection.

    :) Leigh

  2. The funny thing about Secret is that it's a very honest deck. It'll tell me the truth even when I don't like it.