Monday, April 26, 2010

New Deck Interview: Dream Enchantress

My deck collection has now reached 9! How crazy is that? I don't use most of the decks I have because most are beyond my skill of reading, but with KG's help I did some new deck interviews with Thoth and Sexual Magic. I actually did Dream Enchantress a few nights ago, but I wanted this to be first because I feel a strong connection to it. Almost similar to my connection with Secret (any coincidence that both were done by the same artist, I think not). On with the interview!

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? 4 of Swords

I am a deck you can confide in. You can trust me with your secrets and your thoughts, and I'll be able to tell you what I think.

2. What are your strengths as a deck? King of Swords

I will tell you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to know.

3. What are your limits as a deck? 6 of Pentacles

I guess, you could say my strength is also my weakness. I'm not the most giving of decks. As I said before, I'll give you what you need to know.

4. What do you bring to the table - what are you here to teach me? Strength

I want you to be confident in your abilities with me. I know I seem overwhelming because I'm not a deck for beginners, but I'll be here to guide you as you enter my world.

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? 5 of Pentacles

Look beyond my appearance. You will find a richness and depth that will be most fulfilling to you.

6. What will be the outcome of our working relationship? 10 of Pentacles

I think we're going to work well together. You will find a sense of wholeness with me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thoughts from DG

This was inspired my a card meditation, but it's not about the cards. It's just me spewing thoughts out.

Ever so often I get this urge, this tugging need to do something. I feel the energy tingling in my palms and it trails out to the fingers. Sometimes it's a desire to add a new tarot deck to my collection (Fey and Magical Forest being the top two on my list right now), it's a desire to add makeup to my kit (Yaby's World of Pearl Paints or the Cream Foundations), it's a desire to make art (should I draw? or dance?). More often than not, it's a combination of all three. Of course, the common thread is in the artistry. Do I want to have the decks because I'm drawn to the artwork? Do I want to be able to have more tools to utilize for my career? Do I actually just want to do art when I don't have a face to work on?

At some point in all of this, I get so overwhelmed. My brain really doesn't know where to focus because I want to do all these things at once. Ultimately, nothing happens because I don't know where to begin. I don't know how to channel my energy in a productive way. Eventually, that tingling in my fingers go away, but I don't necessarily feel any better.

I decided to do a meditation on the 3 of Swords. The card showed up earlier in the month, and again during KG's reading about the future. It's something that I need to work on in order to achieve my 9 of Chalices. There were many difference instances where the 3 of Swords makes sense in my life, but for some reason I saw the many unused sketchbooks and notebooks. Ironically enough, I was anticipating dealing with stuff about my father, but it just came back to the sketchbooks. Something pulled me out of the meditation before I could dive deeper, but it was so unusual that it was about that. What is the 3 of Swords telling me about my art?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had the great pleasure of having Kafka's Ghost visit me this weekend. It was absolutely awesome spending time with her and talking about the things we love: belly dance, makeup, and tarot! There were decks we loved (Thoth, which we now call Toth, Tarot of the Secret Forest), decks we didn't love (Haindl), decks on our wishlist... She's so fantabulous!

I also had the pleasure of doing a reading for her. It was scary in the beginning because I had never done a reading for anyone other than myself (I still refer to the Tarot Bible), and I'm reading for someone who I consider a mentor. She has such a reassuring presence that it did get easier once I laid out the cards for her. The message was quite clear, and it was very easy to read. I'm very proud of myself to actually take the plunge to read for someone else, and I'm glad my first reading experience was with KG.

She also did a reading for me using her Really Awesome 9-Card Spread, and it was so informative. The main focus of the spread turned out to be career-related, lots of Pentacles and Wands. My career, dance and makeup, are the things that I'm currently developing and nurturing. What was telling to me was that in the Future position, the 3 of Swords came up. She looked at it as an opportunity to take a look back at the past and the things that have hurt me, reconcile those things, and from there I'd achieve the 9 of Cups, satisfaction.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Moon Reading

I haven't written on the blog in a hot minute. Sorry! I'm here though, and it's time for the New Moon Spread.

1. What lays on your dark depths. What is unseen. What we stumble against in the dark nights. Knave of Cups

Okay, Secret is just being mean right now. I swear, he likes seeing me squirm. I'm sure most people know of my interest in a certain photographer, and I feel like I've just made misstep after misstep. It's to the point where I want to beat him over the head and tell him that I want to go out on a date with him, but that's just not the way to do it. I don't know what to do anymore...  

2. What will begin to show, to arise. The Chariot

I can sum up my feelings about this card in one word: Huh? No, really. I don't understand what Secret is trying to tell me (rather, I'm sure I understand what he's trying to say, but my conscious self is blocking it). This is one of those moments where I feel like the Bride when she's trying to break that block of wood up close and she just gets a banged up hand for her efforts.

3. What will illuminate the dark path. The key in the night. Knave of Swords

This is the problem solver card. If there's one thing that I'm good at, it's coming up with a plan to get out of a bad situation. Of course, when that involves members of the opposite sex, I just retreat into myself and put a wall up.

0. Yourself. Shadow card from the base of the deck. 9 of Pentacles

Whoever this woman is, I am not her. I don't feel like her under any stretch of the imagination. I can see the retreating element, but it's not a pleasurable retreat. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recurring Cards...

Oh, my beautiful Knave of Cups. My friend, my loyal companion. Why must you torment me so? You have come to me nearly everyday for the past two weeks. Clearly, there's something that you want me to do that I'm not doing. There's a message in your cup that I'm apparently not getting. What is it that you're trying to tell me?

I did two spreads on this, and I think both really related well to each other. Both spreads required 5 cards. Now, onto reading 1.

1. This card does not mean this!... 4 of Swords

Clearly, this means that I should not sit around and wait for something to happen.

2. ...And this won't help! Strength

Being a coward about the whole thing will not help.

3. This card does mean this!... 3 of Wands

There's a new opportunity and potential for love in store for you.

4. ...And this will help! Queen of Wands

But you have to embrace this side of yourself in order to make this happen. You must be her. Be passionate. Make yourself stand out.

5. What will I learn from understanding this card? 2 of Wands

You have to make a decision about what you want to do. Have courage to take that next step, and it will be the right one for you.

Here's the second reading.

1. Who are you? 8 of Swords

I'm not a person, per se, but rather an idea. You have been at this impasse between wanting to do something yet holding back. You don't want to get hurt, but you have to allow yourself the vulnerability to do so.

2. Why are you appearing? King of Wands

How fitting that the Queen and King appear? I definitely identify with him very well, and he represents the charming side to me. I think this is his way of saying, that I have an ability to draw people in, take advantage of that.

3. What is your significance? Knight of Cups

From a child to a teenager. I think the knave is saying that he wants to grow, but it's up to me to make it happen.

4. Where will I meet you? The Empress

I don't know about this one. This is more because I am the Empress and she is me. I think it will be in the situation where I actually embrace the Queen of Wands, that I will meet the Empress.

5. Have I met you? King of Pentacles

I'm taking that answer as a yes.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Full Moon Spread

We're in April! YAY! More time to be outside!

I've been bad about updating the blog. Stuff in life is happening. I'm feeling the effects of Mars going direct now. Still, I had to do a Full Moon Spread.


1. What can be seen with clarity, so bright that it can even blind you. 2 of Cups

Oh Secret... I see what you did there! It's certainly no coincidence that this was the same card that showed up in the New Moon spread. Three guesses as to what this is about. :-)

2. What gets completed, closes a cycle. Knight of Pentacles

This was a hard one to gauge. I think this Knight is telling me that the cautious approach to life must end. It's time to just dive in head first. My plans have shifted, and I have to enjoy the journey.

3. What begins to fade away, to abandon you, to darken....or what needs to be. 5 of Wands

I am the queen of self-sabotage, especially when I start panicking. I think this card is saying that I need to get my act together, and that sometimes I won't get things my way, but I have to continue on. I can't freak out about it. I have to deal with it and move on.

0. Yourself. Shadow card from the base of the deck. The Hermit

I certainly have taken more of an introspective point of view. I'm constantly trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my financial situation and my business. I'll be continuing to build my book, but a girl's gotta have a roof over her head. I'll find a way.