Friday, January 29, 2010

The Secret Me

This spread is courtesy of the Tribal Bible. I'm constantly looking to see what secrets about me Secret can find. He's the right deck for that.

Here's the layout:

1. My secret desire. The Hermit

My secret desire is to discover who am I and the path that I am meant to lead in this lifetime. What am I expected to take with me as I grow as a person?

2. What motivates me. The High Priestess

I have a need to tap into my intuition that I feel that I have been neglecting. Allowing myself to be open to magic and mysticism.

3. What puts me down. Queen of Cups

My emotions may be blinding me from seeing, and embracing my power.

4. What I can accomplish. Judgement

I can liberate myself from the ordinary standard way of thinking to achieve a higher state of being. I can develop the new, spiritual me.

How interesting is it that there are 3 Majors in this spread? Apparently, Secret is all but screaming at me about who I am and what I'm capable of.

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