Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tarot Writing Prompt: Matchmaker, Matchmaker

When I found Cat 'N Owl's writing prompt Matchmaker, Matchmaker, I knew that I had to write this. In fact, the two cards came to me immediately without having to go through my deck. I don't claim to be a writer, so don't expect a literary masterpiece. I'll probably make grammatical errors in the process too. I have difficulty translating images I visualize into words.

In the darkness of night, she stands alone by a pond, a jug of water in her hands. Her heart breaks because of the loss she's faced. Did her love one die? Did he reject her love? No one knows. She will not reveal the source of her pain. Instead, she swears to herself to never give her love to anyone. She begins to pour the water into the pond, releasing her heart to the world. In her sadness, she doesn't see the star, her sliver of hope.

He is a weary traveler. He has come a long way, but he still has so far to go. His journey never seems to end, but he finds solace in his trusty companion. He doesn't know why he continues this journey, but he knows he must go. His only source of guidance is the lone star that illuminates his path. Exhausted from his journey, he stops at a pond to let his horse drink when he sees a woman pouring water into the pond.

She lifts her head and their eyes meet. There is something intriguing, but they both hesitate. His lips curl in an inviting smile, compelling her to react in kind. Somehow, there's a sense of ease between them, a familiarity. What's to come, they don't know, but they feel hopeful...

A song that really came to my head while writing this is "Sweet Potato" by Sia. Great song...


  1. Thanks. It was surprisingly easy to have the scenario play out in my head, but it's so tough to put it into words.

  2. I love this! I think you did a fine job expressing these cards characters. Don't be so hard on yourself.

    :) Leigh