Monday, February 22, 2010

Portrait Spread

I found this lovely spread on Aeclectic Tarot, and I thought it would be great to do it. I love to compile spreads and out them in my journal. Some I'll actually do, others I'll observe and try to understand what Secret is telling me. The brackets indicate that the card is laid out horizontally.


4                   5



1. This is how I see the world. This is what I see. The Magician

I see potential. I see this budding energy that's just waiting to take the world by storm. I feel like there's a budding energy that's waiting to explode.

2. This is what I smell, this is where I'm following my nose to. Knave of Cups

I took this position as if I were a pointer or a bloodhound. What am I latching onto as a guide for me. Now, I love this knave. He is so sweet and gentle, and I smile every time I see him. He is my favorite of the four. That being said, he scares the shit out of me. Why? I don't want to be set up for disappointment. He comes with a message of potential love and romance. I'm not even speculating who at this point, but considering what I want now, I hope he's not playing games with me.

3. This is how I talk. This is how I communicate. 7 of Pentacles

At first I was wondering what Secret was trying to say about it, but it just hit me. When I first meet people, I tend to take a step back and assess where I am and how people approach each other before I put myself out there. I'm very shy and guarded in the beginning, but it really doesn't take a long time before I become a chatterbox.

4. This is what I hear others say about me. 9 of Wands

My first instinct seeing this card is about loneliness. I think people realize that as open as I am about a lot of things, I still keep so much of myself very private, and that they often don't see the "real" me (whoever she is).

5. This is what I hear myself say about myself. The Devil

This is very accurate. I'm constantly putting myself down. Once a negative thought comes into my head, it just keeps going and going. It starts with one thing then just keeps going. I can't watch myself in videos because the first thoughts are about my body, and then it just escalates into my abilities as a dancer and choreographer. I beat myself up a lot.

6. This is how I think; this is my perception of the world. Temperance

I try to look to the outside world to find balance. I'm looking to nature for its healing energy and power. I try to be open to new opportunities.

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  1. Really liked this spread. Gonna borrow it and do it once Gaian Tarot arrives! Thanks for sharing!