Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spirit Guides

So I've also been doing some spreads on my spirit guides. C gave me a great spread to see how many I have and what they're like.  This is her spread:

1 - Number of spirit guides I have

5 - An event where your presence was particularly strong
4 - When is your presence strongest?
2 - Personality/temperament
3 - Why are you with me?
6 - What would you like me to know at the moment?

It turns out that I have 9 guides. I must need a lot of help. I managed to talk to two before reaching the head honcho. Spirit guide # 3. She has not revealed her name to me, but her presence is quite strong. I was trying to contact the other six, but she definitely did not want to leave. She is my feminine energy. She's with me on a day to day basis. She's with me when I dance. The day before Halloween had a different kind of energy, and that was when she made herself known to me. I'd like to know more about her. I have to find a spread for that...

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