Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Relationship Spread - C's Reading

So I had the opportunity to work with my buddy C on a 2010 Relationship Spread, and we discovered a very useful way for me to get a better sense of working with Secret. She used Universal Fantasy for her reading, then I used Secret. Needless to say, she was really spot on with her reading. My response is in italics.

1 Today's Year Card & Relationship Approach/Trends: III The Empress [she has the most amazing bio-organic looking dress on and a gigantic headdress that extends almost the length of her body behind her, it is supported by a metal pole, it's so large]
This is telling me that this year (2010) relationships for you will be particularly sensual, rich, with lots of strong feminine energy (yours). Make sure you are using protection (Empress's common association with pregnancy). 
This one is big especially since it's only recently that I've been able to tap into that energy at use it. I think it really came into the mix when I met him because the energy I was exuding was different from what would normally come out of me. The Empress is also my personality/soul card.

2 Summary for the Relationship Today: 9 Swords [a girl cowers at the corner of her bed, a menacing shadow with 8 swords sticking out of its back appears to strike her down with another sword]
This relationship is really weighing on your mind; you're a bit anxious about it, not sure what to do. You vacillate b/t making it a big deal and not wanting to make it a big deal. The less you try to think about it, the more it sticks in your mind. 
Very accurate. I find myself playing back the events of the two nights we were together without realizing it. It's especially bad when I'm sleeping.

3 Summary of Relationship in the Past, Influencing & Leading Up to Today: 2 Pentacles reversed [an androgynous youth deftly maneuvers 2 wooden poles upon which long and unfurled banners swirl; 1 green + pentacle, 1 red + pentacle; red + green indicating opposites, duality, etc.]
Did you meet at a show? There were some key points on which you really clicked, others not so sure, not so clear. You "danced" around each other carefully, getting to know one another w/o trying to be a turn off or showing your really goofy side. 
We did indeed meet at a show/dance party. My teacher was performing, and being her second in command of sorts, she pulled me up on stage to dance as well. We were definitely dancing around each other, literally and figuratively. It took a little while before the connection happened, but once it did it came in full force.

4 Danielle's Underlying Thoughts About the Relationship: XIII Death [a man dressed in a Hellraiser outfit gazes at what looks like himself lying naked on the grass, a sword in his right hand. The man in the grass is passed out/sleeping/dead. A black stallion faces the left, waiting for Hellraiser dude to get going]
You think you should just move on, let it go. It was a pleasant memory but let the past stay in the past *with a big sigh*
Alas, yes. My head is saying to let it go and move on with my life. My gut...

5 Deep Down, Danielle's Hopes/Dreams/Expectations About the Relationship: Ace Chalices [an immense chalice sits atop what looks like Rome's coliseum. On top of THAT, a huge pink flamingo is perched. Streams of water crash down into the coliseum, which is also filled with water. This is all out in the middle of a vast desert]
You wish for (either with this person or sometime this year with another) a new, blossoming love. You're holding out that this relationship could actually work and become something more involved, that it has potential. in fact saying to hold on to this because there's a potential for something good.

6 IV Emperor [a man in skin-tight armor stands in the sky, surrounded by a gold machine/like cape and feathered wings sprouting at his sides]
This relationship will add some balance to your life, a significant male energy.
His personality and soul card is The Emperor. Hmmm...

7 V The Hierophant reversed [a man sits in an elaborate throne upon which hang talismans of his knowledge or secret symbols. He is surrounded by female oracles]
It may be a rather unconventional relationship (is he married??) or one that would challenge and teach you a lot about who you are, your limits, your philosophy about relationship. It would definitely contribute to further personal growth (III Empress, IV Emperor, V Hierophant progression). 
He's not married, as far as I know. He lives in California while I'm in New York, so the distance would be a HUGE test. 

8 6 Chalices, reversed [a young boy and girl sit on the back of a giant winged snail. 5 plant-filled chalices sit on its back, while the boy retrieves a 6th from a pond that the snail is standing in. In the distance is a city]
If you get together, it may not be the way it was when you first hooked up. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just expect it to be different or at a different level than it was in the past. 
I figured that if we were to see each other again, it would be under different circumstances. We'll see how it goes.

9 Possible Direction to Take: 8 Wands reversed [A nest made of 8 curving branches protects a nest filled with eggs. A large falcon sits on this nest, protecting the eggs, while another flies around, looking for nourishment]
Take it slow. Give it time. Pursue it but not hastily. As this pertains to other relationships this year, there could be other interests on the horizon (the eggs in the nest; there are 3). Don't put all your eggs in one basket. ;0) 
I can totally work with that. :-) I'm having difficulty letting go because there's this thing in my gut that said that this was more than just lust at first sight, especially considering the events that had occurred the night we met and when we saw each other the next night. At the same time, I can't just have blinders on and focus on him coming back, because what if I never see him again, and I miss out on someone who could make me happy?


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