Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 Relationship Spread - My Reading

On to Part 2! This was my reading and C provided me with some insight on what certain cards meant. C and I joke that Secret is like the kung-fu master who's very soft spoken and wise, but will hit me over the head when I least expect it. It's very true. I like this deck. I think we'll have a good relationship. Her response is in italics.

1 - The Empress (She is sitting on her throne, but in a dark space. Her only source of light comes from a window in the distance. She has her scepter in her hand, indicating that she's willing to use her power, but her shield is mantled against the wall. What's very striking is that her surroundings are dark, and she is very pale, but she has a vivid red gown.) This will be a time of feminine energy, but there's a sense of subtlety to that energy. There is a maternal energy there, but distant. It's the antithesis of Samantha Jones, for lack of a better term.

2 - 7 of Swords reversed (A soldier is attempting to sneak off with five swords from his camp, contemplating taking the other two that are perched outside of a tent.) Hmm... this one is rather tricky for me in reverse. I feel like Secret is saying that I've allowed myself to trust others, which would make sense because I do tend to keep myself very closed off.

I also see this as some kind of "rogue" relationship, should you choose to pursue it. Have you ever done the long distance thing?  

3 - Knave of Chalices (A boy out in the rain with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a cup in offering) He wanted to let me know that I was going to meet someone that I was going to have a romantic interlude with, and it happened.

Also the lake behind him is very glassy and smooth on the surface but who knows how deep, how turbulent below the surface...
4 - 8 of Swords (A nude woman, save for a blue blanket is huddled inside the swords that are lodged in the earth. 6 of the swords are of the same height, but two are significantly shorter. She's looking at the opening to free herself, but makes no move to escape) I feel stuck in the situation. If I move on, then I might lose out on the chance of being with him. If I hope that he comes back, then I might lose out on meeting someone who will give me what I need. I'm at an impasse.

5 - The Moon (A nude woman with a bow and arrow is running as the dog and wolf howl at the moon. The crab has gotten out of the water to honor the moon) I don't really know what to think of this card in this position. Maybe relating to position 4, Secret is saying that I'm driving myself crazy over this situation. I will say that this thing has haunted my dreams, as I've found that every night since I met him there has been some reference to him, which is absolutely crazy indeed.

I. LOVE. This Moon! 
I think there is a possibility that since much of this is taking place in your head for now, you could be creating and crafting things that may or may not exist. Could also mean, trust your intuition and take a "leap of faith"! ;0) 

6 - Knave of Wands (A boy wearing a brown cloak holding a staff that is much longer than he. His other hand is pointing up with his fingers in a "hold on!" kind of position. I sense wind when I look at that image) There's something indicating a message of travel. He travels for business, and he regularly stops in New York. We're both planning on going to Burning Man next year (I'm not going because of him, though).

SO jealous you're going to Burning Man. Go to the Opera, whatever you do!  

7 - 10 of Wands (A woman in a black dress is smoking a cigarette and holding a skull. The wands are painted on the walls behind her) The reality is that this situation is out of my control. There's not much that I can do to see if the experience can blossom into anything more. It's basically in his hands now.

I am basically ignoring the LWB on this card, lol. 
I also see this as someone who is coolly and calmly biding her time. She is sexy and badass. That is you. You can also decide to do something about this feeling of uncertainty; feel like you have the power to be proactive, rather than waiting for him to make a move. 

8 - The Chariot (A soldier standing in his chariot is looking left while the lions, his steed, are looking at each other. In the spread, he's looking at the Empress, but she's not really looking at him) I don't know. Secret pulled a doozy with this one. I know that in order to be victorious, I must have control, but how can I do that when the situation is out of my control?

I often see Chariot as a card of determined focus. Chariots have to come at their enemy at an angle, so it's not a direct approach. Still, you have to anticipate where you want to go in order to direct the chariot to go where you want it. This to me is saying, I think you just need to decide if you want to pursue and then pursue (if that's what you select to do). You have that Empress feminine power/energy on your side. It's a confidence thing. 
9 - 3 of Pentacles reversed (A man has just completed a painting of two women holding a pentacle with a third on the ground) The reversal of this card is saying that I'm not putting any effort into establishing a relationship, but how can I when I'm apparently stuck and powerless? I don't know if that makes any sense.

Hmm...could also be that this process in your mind can no longer be "democratic" (working in a group, community effort). Based on above, it can be you who decides the fate of this relationship. :0)  

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