Sunday, April 18, 2010


I had the great pleasure of having Kafka's Ghost visit me this weekend. It was absolutely awesome spending time with her and talking about the things we love: belly dance, makeup, and tarot! There were decks we loved (Thoth, which we now call Toth, Tarot of the Secret Forest), decks we didn't love (Haindl), decks on our wishlist... She's so fantabulous!

I also had the pleasure of doing a reading for her. It was scary in the beginning because I had never done a reading for anyone other than myself (I still refer to the Tarot Bible), and I'm reading for someone who I consider a mentor. She has such a reassuring presence that it did get easier once I laid out the cards for her. The message was quite clear, and it was very easy to read. I'm very proud of myself to actually take the plunge to read for someone else, and I'm glad my first reading experience was with KG.

She also did a reading for me using her Really Awesome 9-Card Spread, and it was so informative. The main focus of the spread turned out to be career-related, lots of Pentacles and Wands. My career, dance and makeup, are the things that I'm currently developing and nurturing. What was telling to me was that in the Future position, the 3 of Swords came up. She looked at it as an opportunity to take a look back at the past and the things that have hurt me, reconcile those things, and from there I'd achieve the 9 of Cups, satisfaction.

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