Sunday, March 7, 2010

Personal Year Spread

YAY! I'm back home from Vegas. Actually, I got in at 8:45 yesterday morning, then stayed at my mom's apartment for half the day. Two days is actually the perfect amount of time to be there. Despite the fact that I played poker in college, I don't really like to gamble much. The hotels on the strip are basically over-sized malls filled with stores that I can find at home. The highlight was seeing Cirque du Soleil's Ka. Absolutely moving artistically.

Now, enough about my time in Vegas. On to spreads! I had to work with Secret and Mermaids once I got home. This spread I found on Aecletic Tarot called the Personal Year spread. Considering that we are in the year of the Empress, and that's my personality and soul card, it was fitting to do it.

3             5
2             6

S: The Empress

1. What do I bring to this current cycle? 10 of Cups

Despite everything that has gone on in the past year, I'm still maintaining a positive outlook on life. It has been such a major upgrade from the place I was last year.

2. What is this cycle's beneficial influence? 7 of Cups

I have this need to do so many different things, but I don't know where to begin. I want to take art classes, go back to the gym, pole dance, choreograph, do yoga, meditate, create my altar... All of that usually happens while I'm in bed.

3. What blocks or oppostions do I need to be aware of? The Magician

I may be so focused on myself and what I want that I may not see the big picture. Sometimes, it's just not all about me.

4. What area of my life will be most influenced by this cycle? Ace of Wands

It's creative bursts. It's having the ability to be artistic and creative.

5. What do I need to learn during this cycle? 3 of Wands

I need to learn to create opportunities for myself instead of sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

6. How can I incorporate these lessons into my life? 8 of Swords

I just need to stop with the indecisiveness and self-doubt. That kind of thinking will lead me nowhere.

7. What will be the most likely result at the end of this cycle? Queen of Pentacles

I identify with this queen the most of the four in Secret. I think it's allowing myself to be even more nurturing in my career (dance and makeup), and continue to develop my skills.

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