Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Palette of Creative Possibilities

I found this absolutely amazing spread on TarotPassages.com called the Palette of Creative Possibilities. Considering that I'm feeling very artistic but having major difficulties in choosing how to express it (wanting to dance, to design costumes for dance and Burning Man, to do makeup etc.), it was just a great spread to find. I'm not even going to attempt recreating the layout on here, but you can see it on the link.

1. The grip: What hold does the creative process have on me at this time? The World

Wow. What a card to appear as the very first card. This card is about my freedom of expression. For the longest time, I felt like I couldn't do that, but now I may actually have the opportunity to do so. It's quite amazing to be able to be free to dance and to do art. It's the place that makes me the happiest.

2. My brushes: How can I best utilize the tools at hand? The Star

It's about trusting in my skills. It's trusting in my abilities. Once I do that, I can develop my creativity even further. I have to trust in my years of dance. Trust that I've learned a lot in makeup and that I still have a lot to learn.

3. Primary color: What sparks my creative impulses? The Lovers

It's what my soul needs. I don't choose when the spark happens. It just does. It's a tug in my gut that I can't ignore. I don't always act on this impulse, but it's so overwhelming actually.

4. Secondary color: What fuels my motivation? 8 of Pentacles

I have a desire to make it perfect. I want it to be clean and polished while allowing my art to express my point of view. I also have a never-ending desire to learn. I'm willing to clean brushes all day if it means that I can learn techniques from a great MUA. I love taking dance workshops and being a student. It's like, yes, I've been belly dancing for over eight years, but I love the feeling of being a complete beginner with the frustrations and all (I think a Suhaila workshop is next on my list).

5. Tertiary color: What drives my long-term commitment to the project? The Hanged Man

I'm giving myself to the universe, and for that moment when I'm on the stage or working on a face or in a sketchbook I'm in a vulnerable place. I've been feeling more that when I do an emotionally meaningful piece, I'm reaching something/one that's beyond my scope of understanding.

6. Painting medium: What can I add to extend and develop my creativity to bring it to a finished result? 8 of Swords

One of the gripes that I have when I see a lot of dancers, especially in tribal fusion, is that I see the technique and the tricks in the movement, but it often misses that something extra. That thing that draws me in and lets me join in on the experience. When I perform, I often wonder if I'm resting on my laurels, and not truly engaging the audience. At the same time, it's scary to be that vulnerable that I just want to show the technique and tricks. I have to endure the really scary aspect of my dance in order to take it to a higher place.

I'm going to sum up this reading in two words: Holy shit! Four majors, and a pair of 8s. Aeclectic Tarot's definition of the 8s involves courage and transformation. It's about having the strength to make change. Wow, how very telling, indeed. I also added up the numbers of the Majors which came to 11 - Justice, and reduced to the High Priestess. Justice is saying that I spent a good portion of my life doing one thing, while denying a part of myself that really wanted to come out. I guess the lay-off has allowed for that other part to come back. The High Priestess is showing me how I can do this while being in the current place I'm in.


  1. This is really cool! I think this is your most in-depth self-reading yet.

  2. I think Secret would give me the proverbial bitchslap if I didn't go deeper into it. :-)

  3. I LOVE this spread! I can't wait to try it out for myself - it's exactly what I've been looking for! I've never asked my Secret about creativity before; it loves chatting about my past though :)

  4. Secret is all about my past and what's to come. It's almost being a smart ass about it.